is a leading online news portal in Bengali language

It delivers national and international news as it happens 24 hours a day.

Main focus main focus on Current Affairs, Sports, Education, Culture and Entrainment, Biodiversity-Wildlife.

We also focus on Health, Life-style, Job, Information Technology, Expatriate, Feature, Travel-Tour-Tourism, Public and Expert Opinion, Social Media and Photo Stories. covers ongoing events seriously, trying to bring up the facts behind it. Features, Development, Video stories- are the main place of work.

We give importance to the news of Sylhet division, especially Moulvibazar district.

mukto khotha

Khola Janala is one of the most important categories in Experts as well as anyone can write their opinion in this section on any subject. However, the articles must not be against the policies of and the prevailing rules and regulations of the country.

Address for sending E-mail : [email protected]

In this time of information technology, everyone is a journalist. Anyone who has a phone or a desktop-laptop computer can publish information, news or thoughts on social media and mass media through writing, pictures or videos; they are citizen journalists. Portal, Facebook and YouTube want to give them a chance. Citizen journalists will publish articles, pictures and videos o f Eye News seriously.

Honorable Ministers and Secretaries of concern ministries, Director Generals of concern departments, expert Physicians, Nutritionists, Food Experts-Chefs, Journalists, Teachers and Researchers are participating as guests in these live programs.


Besides, eminent musicians from Bangladesh and Kolkata are participating in it. Legendary singer Haimanti Shukla and popular song group Bangladesh ‘Jaler Gaan’ have also joined the live program of




Journalists Training is going through regular on-job training of its own news teams.


Social Responsibility also participates in various programs and social responsibility based activities. Food aid has been distributed to the helpless and unemployed people during the epidemic. Cash incentives have been given to its own employees.


Unbiased and Credible News

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the constellation of digital news networks. That’s why offers a one-stop Bangla news solution by offering authentic, unbiased and credible news.


Editorial and editorial team has a team of talented, experienced and skilled editorial team. Before the news is broadcast, the editorial team publishes the news by correcting, checking and cross-checking. In addition, our editing team corrects and adds news every moment even after the news is broadcast. If there is any mistake or correction in the news, it is corrected by verifying the correct information.


The team always strives to provide accurate and accurate information.


The Journey Begins

In the November 2018, starting up online news portal namely with the motto of News, Opinion and Analysis. was launched in 15 December, 2018 for live news update 24/7. has two offices have two offices located in Capital Dhaka and Moulvibazar district town in Bangladesh. The online newspaper has strengthen workforces, maximum of them are residing in Bangladesh especially Moulvibazar district and Sylhet division. There are few numbers of correspondences are residing outside Bangladesh and them also providing news also.


The main workforce are working in Capital Dhaka, Sylhet division and Moulvibazar district wherein more than twenty two million people are living. We are looking for them and their news, views and opinions has been publishing continuously.


We are not only publishing news but also involving in various social activity for social awareness, as such is a vital factor of local media arena.

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